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  • Jenna Jameson posted a new, inspiring #TransformationTuesday before-and-after picture
  • The 44-year-old credits both the keto diet and sobriety for her weight loss
  • Jenna Jameson has lost 80 pounds on the keto diet since starting it in April 2018

Talk about a #TransformationTuesday! Jenna Jameson, who's been candid about her 80-pound weight loss, took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a seriously inspiring set of before-and-after snaps in a black bikini.

But, while the 44-year-old has largely credited the keto diet (and intermittent fasting!) for her slim-down, in this new post, she also acknowledges the negative impact alcohol had on both her weight and overall wellness.

"It’s important we talk about the aftermath of new sobriety," she wrote. "Raw feelings, fear, unsure how to deal with all the changes. The good far outweighs anything, that’s for sure. But this shows the effects of alcohol on your body. Sobriety is a game changer, not only are you bright, clear and capable... your gut says bye bye! #Sobriety and #keto for the win!"

According to an earlier post in December 2018, Jenna recently celebrated three years and three months of sobriety, saying it's the "best gift [she's] ever given," presumably to herself and her family. Jenna also posted before-and-after picture in August 2018 about "conquering [her] sobriety."

Those before-and-after pictures don't just help Jenna reflect on her life pre-keto, they also help continue to motivate her. In an Instagram post earlier this month, Jenna said she "cannot stress enough the importance of taking 'before pics,'" she wrote. "I HATED SEEING THESE PICTURES UNTIL I STARTED SEEING PROGRESS! If you are beginning your journey or even thinking about #keto please take my advice and take jumping off pictures!!!!"

All advice worth heeding, and props to Jenna for continuing to be super open about her keto diet weight loss and her journey to sobriety.

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