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Ellenore Scott is a New York based professional dancer, master teacher and choreographer. As a dancer, Ellenore was both a finalist (Season Six) and All-Star (Season Eight) on hit television show So You Think You Can Dance?
Ellenore performed for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Dancing with the Stars, The Ellen Show, Smash, and Glee, she has also performed as a featured background dancer with Janet Jackson. Ellenore teaches internationally and nationally with numerous universities, performing arts schools, and dance conventions. She was commissioned to set work on Glow Dance Company in Stavanger, Norway, Harvard University and Urbanity Dance in Boston. She has also choreographed music videos for recording artists Henry Santos, Emergency Tiara and Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche.
Ellenore is an Associate Choreographer for several NYMF productions including Volleygirls and Cloned! She is the Founder and Artistic Director of New York City based contemporary dance company, ELSCO Dance and Executive Producer of The Breaking Glass Project, a nationwide program to help mentor and nurture emerging female choreographers. For more information about Ellenore and her projects, please visit www.ELSCOdance.org and www.BreakingGlassProject.org.

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